Custom coded website optimized to generate leads

Provo Swim Academy

The Challenge

My wife woke up one Friday morning and announced, "I'm going to start a swim school and I need a logo, business cards and a website by Monday." I stared blankly at her...and then got to work.

The website objectives were to reinforce our brand, rank on Google for identified keywords, be easy to use and maximize the number of leads

The Approach

The site underwent several iterations as we discovered our brand and how to best position ourselves in the market.

  • Coded from scratch and built on top of the Blueprint CSS framework
  • Prominently displayed our competitive advantage
  • Optimized the site for high converting keywords
  • Designed to lead visitors down a sales funnel resulting in more leads than we can handle
  • Form submissions are automatically added to our Customer Relations Management tool

The Results

Each summer, we turn clients away because we are booked solid.

  • Approximately 10% of all site visitors convert into leads
  • Site dominates the local search traffic for "swim lesson" related searches
  • My wife got the logo and cards by Monday but the site took a bit more time

The largest challenge that we've had has been managing growth. We now employ multiple employees and use several locations for lessons.

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