Shoe-string budgets can be fun

Destroying the digEplayer L7

The Challenge

We had a tight budget, few internal resources and a great desire to create compelling videos that highlighted our brand in a unique, fun way.

Farmers Market Video

I tapped a local university student with video production and editing experience to reduce the cost of the video itself.

We decided to showcase the product by interviewing random strangers at a local farmers market. The candid, impromptu responses provided an honest look at the product.

Results: The video garnered some attention, though, it's biggest success was creating an expectation of something different from us in the minds of key influencers. Watch the video.

Destructo Video

We often touted the ruggedness of our product and how it could take a beating. I decided to literally show just how much of a beating it could take. We started with small bumps and quickly moved to more and more sensational "tests" that culminated in shooting the device with various guns.

Results: The Destructo video received its greatest success and attention at trade shows and events. We had more individuals stopping at our booth as a result of this video than any other promotion we had previously run. Watch the video.

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