Brand Management 101: The Art of Connecting With Your Client Base

This post is a guest post from Glenda McCarthy-Gaspar. Learn more about her and her company at the end of the post.

A strong brand management strategy is a key part of any company’s success. After all, the most notable brands that exist today became household names because they learned what tactics to use in order to help their brands appear favorably to the public, and more specifically, to their target clients. When brand management is done right, an emotional, personal connection will be made between the brand and the consumer, leading to a better recognized, more reputable image that clients will feel secure spending their money on.

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What customers expect from your Call Center

This week’s post is a guest article from Meghan Greene of The Marketing Zen & Kova Corp. Learn more about her and her company at the end of the post.

Your call center is the hub of your customer service operation, and to best appease your customers, you need to meet their expectations. In this technology driven decade, consumers have grown accustomed to getting results instantaneously. As a result, they place an extremely high value on their time. This attitude includes demanding fast, diligent and effective problem resolution when contacting your call center.

In order to run a call center efficiently and keep your customer happy at the same time, it is important to utilize the best workforce management software possible and learn what your customers want from you.

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Are you setup to do digital marketing that drives sales in 2015?

This week’s post is a guest article from Shawn Butler of Leadgenix. Learn more about him and his agency at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

In July of 2013, the American Marketing Association defined marketing as:

“The activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

That definition puts a lot of focus on the creating awareness part of your marketing and communication, but more and more, businesses today are focusing their marketing efforts on driving new customer sales. For most companies, marketing should be redefined as the way a business gets its customers to make purchases.

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10 Crucial questions to guide you in creating a successful app

This week’s post is a guest article from Jared Johnson of Ultera Digital. Learn more about him and his agency at the end of the post.

Mobile apps continue to be an essential part of the digital marketing ecosystem in 2015, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to create them successfully. Thankfully, we are long past the days of marketers everywhere clamoring, “I need an app!” without understanding how or why. Remember that, circa 2008?

We have learned a lot about mobile behaviors since then. For instance, U.S. smartphone owners use an average of 24 non-native apps per month but spend 84% of their time on just five apps – Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Weather and YouTube. It’s easy to see why. Those apps are powerful, useful and convenient. They help us make connections. They serve a specific purpose. Above all, they make life easier.

So what about the millions of other apps out there? Why are so few considered successful?

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Advice for Marketing a Non-profit

This week’s post is a guest article from Leanne Howard Kenney. Read more about her at the end of the post. Enjoy!

Everyone had the date circled on their calendar, be it a smart phone, paper organizer, 101 cutest cats of 2014 or one of those free Avon calendars with the flowers, cheap paper and two staples. You know the one of which I speak: where the staples don’t even squeeze together and one falls out by March so you lose April, September, May, August and June and July.

But I digress.

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How companies such as Groupon and Trulia watch and use your every move

Just like every other weekday, I opened up my personal email while riding the shuttle on the way home from work. Unlike every other day, I was met with quite a surprise from both Groupon and Trulia.

It was as if both of them had decided in the last 24 hours to employ new retargeting technology on their websites and mobile apps. Before explaining what I saw in my inbox, I want to first describe how I had used their services.

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How to effectively use horizontal brand positioning to beat your competitors

Before getting into the specifics of horizontal vs vertical brand positioning, let me start with some examples.

Since at least early 2014, Esurance has been running a new campaign with the tagline, “7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance.” And although the Beatrice ad does amuse me, I want to explain why the thinking and strategy behind these ads are flawed.

But to do that, we first need to talk about impotence.

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